Quora – a new social network to watch in 2011

Among all the new social media networks and tools, Quora is making a lot of noise. Mashable (10 Websites to watch in 2011) considers it one of the 10 Websites to watch in 2011. Some go as far as saying it is one of the most important innovation for blogging in the last 10 years.


However, Quora does not look, at fist glance, revolutionnary at all. It is a Q&A service, similar to Yahoo! Answers or Aardvark. The site is nicely done, and many claim that the content quality is amazing. Quora is hip, and the number of users explode. Ashton Kutcher is on. Will Quora be for 2011 what Twitter was for 2010?


Here are a few articles to get to know Quora better:

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