Google celebrates Cezanne and launches the 2011 Doodle 4 Google

Google celebrates Paul Cézanne

To celebrate the 172nd anniversary of Paul Cézanne ‘s birthday (January 19th, 1839), Google designed a very beautiful Doodle, inspired by the famous painter’s still life paintings. A Doodle is a creative design of the Google logo on the web search engine homepage.


Hundreds of doodles

The first Doodle was created in 1988, to indicate Google founders’ participation to the famous Burning Man festival. Since then, hundreds of doodles have been designed. You can all find them here :

Anyone can propose a doodle by sending it directly to Google organises doodle contests annually, the Doodle 4 Google. Here is a video presentation of the 2010 Doodle 4 Google :

What I’d like to do someday

Google has launched today the 2011 edition. K-12 students are invited to make their own doodle on the theme « What I’d like to do someday… ». The jury is composed of celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Davis.

doodle_logoYou can find more information about the contest on the Doodle 4 Google page. You can also read Marissa Mayer’s post on the official Google blog.

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